Lord Huron / Strange Trails

Io Echo / Ive Been Vaping Your Tears

T.O.L.D. / Heaven

Kate Boy / The Way We Are

Io Echo / Ministry of Love

MS MR / Hurricane

Kate Boy / Northern Lights

Banks / Fall Over

Io Echo / Io Echo

Lord Huron / Lonesome Dreams

Charli XCX / You’re The One

Bleeding Knees Club / Nothing To Do

Salem / I’m Still In The Night

Nikki Lane / Walk Of Shame

Fool’s Gold / Leave No Trace

NewVillager / NewVillager

Men / Talk About Body

Men / Off Our Backs

Salem / King Night

People Can Do The Most Amazing Things / Kisses

LA Collection / Signals & The Franks

LA Collection / Imaad Wasif & Io Echo

LA Collection / Rainbow Arabia & Nosaj Thing

LA Collection / Edward Sharpe & Moonrats

Fool’s Gold / Fool’s Gold

Florence And The Machine / A Lot Of Love, A Lot Of Blood

Florence And The Machine / Dog Days Are Over

Little Boots / Arecibo

The Black Ghosts / The Black Ghosts

Florence And The Machine / Kiss With A Fist

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